Press Kit | 2017

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Press Kit | 2017

TRE-P&TRE-Più presents ‘The Secret of Creativity’, a new collection that combines innovation and technology. The collaboration with Studio Cini Boeri Architects has realized the New Rever Door, a ‘Door Filomuro’ (flush with the wall) for a luxury setting.

Innovation, Prestige and Refinement, an architectural and linear design for the New Rever Door, that becomes a great concealed furniture solution. Carbon Core 2.8 design Luca De Nova is the first Door with carbon-core that put together technology and design. Tablo Door design TRE-Più Lab has an unconventional personality, an important frame that defines its decisive character.

TRE-P&TRE-Più introduces the new ‘Atelier INDOOR’ to give the possibility of customizing the Door, an additional option offered by the Company and expected for 2017. New Finishes in Real Wood by Architects Alessia Galimberti, Andrea Meregalli, Luca De Nova will cover the historical models TRE-P&TRE-Più, to give them an updated design The collaboration of TRE-P&TRE-Più with the Institution for Instruction and Professional Training ENAIP, thanks to a 60-hour-training leaded by Alessia Galimberti, has realized a ‘Door’ Easy 100% Made in Italy completely covered with a wooden Texture designed by the students of ENAIP. TRE-P&TRE-Più also confirms the collaboration with Architect Antonio Citterio.