Pavilion Light

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The integrated panels and sliding doors of the Pavilion Light System are the lightest possible way to design and organize space in the sign of trasparency and lightness.

The standard ‘door’ underwent a consistent revolution with
the Pavilion Light System. The door now gives continuity to
the wall and is available in light and technological materials, consisting of movements and lightness, to change, transform, widen, lighten up or being almost invisible.
A miracle depending on unique productive technology and
the mastery of TRE-Più.

Pavilion Light Fabrics Collection
Fabrics selected in a unique customised furnishing variant, exhibiting and exalting the lightness of glass panelling,
is the proposal of the Pavilion system. Grace, colour, taste
and emotion are the real result of classic romantic taste and modern requirements. Fabric is held between two glass panels and offers a new and elegant version of Pavilion system.

Available finishes
Glass: our range of colours, Fabric, Metal Mesh
Profiles: our range of colours
Scultura Wood: Light Oak, Grey Oak, Canaletto Walnut
Matt Polyurethane Lacquer: our range of colours and Ral colours
Glossy Polyester Lacquer: our range of colours and Ral colours





Antonio Citterio



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