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The Pavilion sliding doors are also available with a folding system, that minimizes exterior dimensions and provides the opportunity to create a wide range of design and installation. Pavilion Libro is perfect for every setting, thanks to its countless combination of profiles and glasses, as well as systems sized down to the millimeter. They can be installed in every architectural structure, while maintaining the lightness and elegance of Pavilion.

TRE-P&TRE-Più presents a  new glass finish with metal mesh for Pavilion Libro, that enlarges the wide range of materials and colours, as well as the options of customization.
Two glasses hold a metal mesh to accentuate the sheen and allowing the light to filter through.
The elegance of folding Pavilion Libro with metal mesh is a great solution for every environment, thanks to the several combinations of profiles and glasses. Precision, attention to
the details, high quality materials and design make Pavilion Libro a furnishing element.

Available finishes
Glass: our range of colours, Fabric, Metal Mesh
Profiles: our range of colours
Scultura Wood: Light Oak, Grey Oak, Canaletto Walnut
Matt Polyurethane Lacquer: our range of colours and Ral colours
Glossy Polyester Lacquer: our range of colours and Ral colours


Antonio Citterio



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