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CONTINUUM program grows and becomes CUSTOM. 

Every stave can be manufactured with different width to get a unique and aesthetic result, to meet the customers’ demand.
In addition a special curved stave is available, concave or convex on the corner, to emphasize  the  elegance of the wall coating. 

The staves are enriched by a new cover in fabric, which makes this product contemporary elegant. 

It is possible to add an aluminium frame on the upper and/or lower part of the wall coating to be integrated with led lighting, if necessary.

Programme designed for customised projects.

Full height paneling system, which updated technology thanks to the supporting adjustable metal structure, which perfectly match the underlying wall.

The above mentioned coating system is part of  Pavilion, Planus, Pavilion+Planus and Continuum program.
All together they represent the results of Architect Antonio Citterio’s creativity and are characterized by strong personality, essential design, technological  materials and solutions. 

All products design Antonio Citterio can be combined together, offering a wide range of technical and aesthetical  solutions 

Available finishes
Wood: Clear Dogato, Dark Dogato, Teak

Wood Scultura: Light Oak, Canaletto Walnut, Gray Oak
Lacquered Scultura Larch: White Più, Black
Fabric: our range of colours


Antonio Citterio


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