Please Open the Door | 30 Marzo 2017

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Please Open the Door | 30 Marzo 2017

The CEO of TRE-P&TRE-Più, Mr Mauro Colombo, will introduce the New Door Collection ‘The Secret of Creativity’. Studio Cini Boeri Architects will attend the event and Architect Dino Polverino will introduce the New Rever door.

In addition Architect Alessia Galimberti will present the ‘New Atelier INDOOR’ by TRE-P&TRE-Più.

The possibility of customizing the Door will be a further option expected to be realized by the Company during year 2017. New finishes in Real Wood design Architects Alessia Galimberti, Andrea Meregalli and Luca De Nova will cover the historical models of TRE-P&TRE-Più to give them an updated design.

The unconventional new Door Tablo design TRE-Più Lab and its decisive personality will be another protagonist of the presentation. During the event Carbon Core 2.8 (the first Door with carbon-core) design Architect Luca De Nova will be presented, too. The evening includes a meeting with the Sculptor Marco Alberti (he realized an auditory work for Maestro Andrea Bocelli and his works were also selected several times by the Italian movie Director Lina Wertmüller), as well as the Painter Alessandra Ferrandu (an important Italian artist, who painted Roberta Armani, Massimo Moratti, Antonello Venditti). The event will be shooted by the well-known film Director Dario Carrarini.